Front Line Dev Is Right For You

  • Expertise in Website Development

    With years of experience, we ensure seamless integration of features on a wide range of technologies, platforms, services, hosting providers, and 3rd party integrations.

  • Empowering Admin Users

    Modern websites are driven by Content Management Systems (CMS), granting administrators an extensive range of control over a website's content and design. However, with this power also comes responsibility. We specialize in crafting tools to enhance CMS functionality and providing guidelines for administrators to manage content effectively.

  • UI/UX and Responsive Web Design

    We create visually appealing, device-responsive designs for an exceptional user experience.

  • Seamless 3rd Party Integrations

    Easily integrate third-party tools and extensions to enhance your website's functionality, from payment gateways to CRM systems and everything in-between.

  • Robust Security

    Protect your online store and customer data with advanced security features, keeping your business and customers safe.

  • Data-Driven Insights

    Leverage powerful analytics and reporting tools to gain valuable insights into your website's performance and customer behavior. When the data you need isn't available don't worry we can build that report for you.

  • Ongoing Support

    Our team provides continuous maintenance and support to keep your website running smoothly and up-to-date. Does your website need updated to work with the latest web standards? We're on it.

  • ADA Compliance

    Ensure both your website are accessible to all users with our ADA compliance services, including scanning, reporting, and updates.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Enhance your online visibility and climb search engine ranks with proven SEO strategies. Custom extensions can help increase both data and meta data for your e-commerce website.

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Website audit can improve scalability to accommodate the growth of businesses

How We BuildYour Success

  • Client Consultation and Requirement Gathering

    First things first, we meet with your team to understand your specific needs and objectives for the website audit. This involves gathering detailed requirements, identifying pain points, and defining the desired goals for improvement. It's essential to clarify the expectations and establish a clear project scope.

  • Proposal and Scope Definition

    Based on the gathered requirements, we create a comprehensive project proposal. This document outlines the project scope, objectives, timelines, budget, and deliverables. This helps everyone involved have a shared understanding of what will be developed.

  • Audit and Scanning

    With the plan in place, the team can start scanning and documenting results. Based on the selected audit option our team will employ a number of extensive tools to review everything from code analysis, user interaction data, to server configuration and more.

  • Documentation

    Proper documentation is essential for the project. You will receive a detailed documentation for each audit section highlighting successes and areas that can be improved. We will offer expert recommendations on each item and review them with you.

  • Deployment and Integration

    Time to improve! You choose which items you want to improve and our team of experts gets to work.

  • Client Training and Handover

    We provide training to your team on the improvements that have been made to the website and what to expect going forward. This includes demonstrating the configuration options, explaining best practices, and addressing any questions.

  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance

    What if you think of new features you want to add? No worries! Post-launch, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to address any issues that may arise, provide updates, and can meet with your team to help plan your digital roadmap.

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Modern websites use mobile-friendly and responsive design for an increasingly mobile-driven market

At Front Line Dev, we're committed to enhancing your website's performance and functionality. Our Website Audit and Report service is the first step towards achieving a website that stands out from the crowd. We go beyond the surface, diving into the intricate details that make your website tick. Our experts will perform a deep dive into your website's performance, search engine optimization, content quality, user interface/user experience, security, social media integration, and conversion rate optimization. Our audit doesn't just identify issues; it provides actionable recommendations to address them.


Rev up your website's engine! Optimize performance to deliver blazing-fast loading times, providing your visitors with a seamless and enjoyable user experience. No more waiting – it's all about instant gratification.

  SEO Mastery

Craving the top spot in search engine results? Successful SEO strategies are tailored to your specific needs, pushing your website higher in search engine rankings. Get ready to be the first choice for your target audience.

  Meaningful Content

Content is king, but it needs to wear a crown that search engines love. It's important to craft compelling content that not only engages your audience but also aligns perfectly with search engine algorithms. Say hello to content that captivates both humans and algorithms.

  UI/UX Excellence

Your website's design is its first impression. UI/UX combines aesthetics with functionality, ensuring your site is not just visually appealing but also user-friendly on all devices. It's all about creating that "wow" factor!

  Fortified Security

Your website is a fortress of user data and intellectual property; ensure it's well-protected. Every website must include robust security measures to shield your website and its users from potential threats.

  Seamless Social Media Integration

Expand your online reach by integrating your website seamlessly with social media platforms. Engage your audience and build your brand across various social channels effortlessly.

  Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Turn visitors into loyal customers via coordinated CRO strategies. Analyze and fine-tune your website to maximize its conversion potential. Get ready to see your sales and leads soar!

Have a question about any of these core concepts? Lets talk!
We love exchanging new ideas and improvements throug collaboration!

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Successful websites includes extensive customization options and flexibility to meet unique business needs
what's included?

Website Audit



Load Time

Our website performance analysis includes a thorough examination of your site's load time on both desktop and mobile devices. We prioritize speed to provide your visitors with a lightning-fast, seamless user experience, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction and search engine ranking. This service is entirely free, ensuring your website's performance is optimized at no extra cost.

Mobile Responsiveness

In today's mobile-driven world, we ensure your website is fully mobile-responsive. Our audit determines whether your site is mobile-friendly, guaranteeing it adapts flawlessly to various screen sizes. This service is also provided free of charge, enabling you to reach and engage with users on mobile devices without any added expenses.

Broken Links

We understand the importance of a smooth user experience. Our experts identify and list all broken links on your website, ensuring your visitors have a hassle-free navigation experience. This service is part of our complimentary offerings, helping you maintain a clean and reliable website without additional costs.

Server Response Errors

To maintain a healthy website, we document any 4xx and 5xx errors that may hinder your site's functionality. Identifying and addressing these issues promptly is crucial to providing a smooth user experience. This service is included in our free package, ensuring your website remains error-free.

Page Size & Requests

Our audit goes beyond the surface by reviewing your page size and requests. We recommend improvements to enhance your website's overall performance, ensuring your site functions at its best. This service is part of our complimentary package, helping you make the most of your website's potential.



Meta Tags

Our team meticulously reviews meta titles and descriptions for length and relevance, optimizing them to attract the attention of search engines and increase your online visibility. This valuable service is provided free of charge as part of our commitment to improving your website's SEO.

Header Tags

We ensure that your header tags, including H1, H2, and more, are used effectively and structured for optimal on-page SEO. This service is offered at no extra cost, helping you enhance your website's search engine ranking.

XML Sitemap & Robots.txt

Ensuring your XML sitemap and robots.txt files are correctly formatted and functional is vital for search engine crawling and indexing. We provide this service at no additional cost to guarantee your website's proper interaction with search engines.

Webpage Indexing

We verify the number of indexed pages in search engines, assessing your website's online visibility and suggesting improvements. This service is complimentary, ensuring that your website's content reaches a broader audience.

Keyword Optimization

Analyzing keyword distribution and density is crucial for SEO success. Our experts offer this service at a competitive price to boost your website's search engine performance and help you reach your target audience effectively.

Structured Data

Our audit checks for schema markup to enhance the appearance of your search results and attract more visitors. This service is available for a fee, delivering the extra edge your website needs in the competitive online landscape.

Internal & External Linking

Our audit reviews your link structure and anchor text to enhance your website's search engine visibility. This service is available for a fee, ensuring that your website's linking strategy is optimized for the best results.



Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can hinder your website's SEO performance. Our complimentary service identifies and addresses these issues, helping you eliminate duplicate content penalties and improve your search engine rankings.

Call to Actions (CTA)

Effective CTAs are key to boosting user engagement and conversion rates. We evaluate the impact of your CTAs as part of our free package, helping you make informed decisions to enhance your website's user experience.


Your website's success hinges on the quality of its content. We offer a paid service to scrutinize your content for originality, relevance, and consistency. By maintaining a high-quality online presence, you can engage your audience effectively and stand out in the digital landscape.

Grammar & Spelling

Polished content is essential to make a lasting impression. Our experts provide a paid service to ensure impeccable grammar and spelling, elevating your website's professionalism and user experience.


UserInteraction / User Experience (UI/UX) and Design


User experience starts with seamless navigation. Our experts assess your site's navigation for ease of use, identifying and rectifying issues such as broken links or orphan pages. This essential service is provided at no extra cost to ensure your visitors enjoy a frustration-free journey.

Page Layout

We go beyond aesthetics to evaluate design consistency, mobile adaptability, and overall aesthetics. Our aim is to ensure that your users have a consistently user-friendly experience. This service is included in our complimentary package.


We believe in an inclusive online environment. Our free service includes checking for ADA best practices and general accessibility for all users, accompanied by a comprehensive ADA scan report.



SSL Certification

Data security and user trust are paramount. Our free service confirms if your website is using HTTPS to secure data transmission, providing your visitors with a safe browsing experience.

Software Updates

Protecting your website from vulnerabilities is crucial. Our experts ensure that your CMS and plugins are up-to-date, preventing potential security breaches. This service is available at an affordable price.

Malware Scan

Maintaining a secure online presence is non-negotiable. We conduct a thorough malware scan to check for any signs of malicious activity, ensuring your website remains a safe and trusted destination for users. This service is available for a fee.



Social Sharing Links

Social engagement is a must in today's digital landscape. We provide a free service to ensure that your social buttons and sharing capabilities are functioning seamlessly, encouraging user interaction and social sharing.

Consistent Brand Messaging

A unified online presence is essential. Our paid service assesses the alignment between your website's content and social profiles, maintaining consistency and building a strong brand image.



Abandoned Cart (E-commerce)

For e-commerce sites, we understand the importance of closing the deal. Our free service checks for and addresses abandoned cart issues, helping you boost conversion rates and sales.

Funnels, Landing Pages, & CTAs

We aim to maximize user engagement and conversions. Our paid service reviews site funnels, landing pages, and CTAs to optimize your website's effectiveness in converting visitors into customers.

User Behavior Insights

Data-driven decisions are essential. Our analysis of site analytics, offered at a competitive price, provides valuable insights into user behavior, allowing you to tailor your strategies for maximum impact.



Server Configuration

A strong foundation is vital for your website's performance. We offer a free service to review your hosting setup and performance, ensuring optimal server configuration.

Cache & CDN

Speed and performance are key. Our audit checks if caching mechanisms are in place to enhance website speed and user experience. This service is included in our complimentary package to give your users a smoother experience.

JS & CSS Minification

Page load times are a critical factor. We review and optimize JS and CSS files to enhance page load times and overall user experience, all as part of our free package.

Image Optimization

Images play a crucial role in website performance. We assess your image optimization to ensure that your visuals are not only visually appealing but also efficiently compressed for fast loading. This service, which is an essential part of our technical analysis, comes at no extra cost, contributing to a seamless user experience and improved site performance.


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